Faith and Ale, Tampa Bay

Upcoming Speakers


Ryan Belec: Tampa Bay Lightning, Tim Jarocki: Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Rob Gagliardi: Tampa Bay Rays

These three successful and faith-filled men will be speaking on Sports, Spirituality, and Success.


Jimmy Mitchell: International Youth Speaker and Musician

Jimmy’s gifts of storytelling and piano-playing bring him to every corner of the world. From summer camps and corporate retreats to large-scale conferences, his greatest joy is helping others fall in love with Jesus. He’s the host of a popular weekly podcast, founder of Love Good (a subscription company that evangelizes culture through beauty), and a huge fan of old books and local coffee. Jimmy will be speak on, “Wear the Pants: Reclaiming Manhood in a Fatherless World.”


Muhammed Syed: Writer, Speaker, & Political Activist.

Muhammad Syed is a Pakistani-American writer, speaker, and political activist. He created the Ex-Muslims of North America (EXMNA) advocacy group in 2013 which seeks to normalize religious dissent and to help former Muslims leave the religion by linking them to support networks. He is the co-founder, executive director, and currently the president of EXMNA. Hear Syed’s testimony on how he journeyed from Islam to Catholicism.


Jeff Darrey: Founder of Trinity Café

Some people find a mission in life, and rather than waiting until everything falls into place, they start placing everything that’s needed on their own. For years our guest and dear friend, Jeff Darrey, has been feeding a hot, healthy meal to people in our community without a single question as to why they might need it. And not long ago, his restaurant, Trinity Café, merged with Feeding Tampa Bay to combine our efforts and help our neighbors in ways we never before dreamed possible. Darrey will be speaking on “Answering the Call”


Danny Fitzpatrick: Author & Poet

Catholic dad, philosopher, poet, essayist, novelist. Hear Fitzpatrick’s talk on Dante, Sartre, and the Fight for Human Nature.


Rob Reynolds & Shevin McCullough: Founders of Cross Boss Media

Hear these successful men speak on Trusting God with Your Career and Your Family: How Two Local Guys Dropped the Corporate World for Ministry.

MAY 19

Fr. Bernard de Terves, M.E.P : Priest of the Paris Foreign Mission Society

Hear Fr. Bernard de Terves speak on the Catholic Church in China Today.